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How To Find Relief When You Have Trouble Sleeping
Do you have trouble sleeping ethnic beauties? Are you tossing and turning most of the night worried about a host of things?

Can Herbal Cough Remedies Help You this Season?
Tis the season! Not necessarily the one to be jolly. This is the season of virulent germs. Time to bring out the big guns ... Grandma's herbal cough remedies.

How to use Pumpkin for Awesome Ethic Skin Care
Pumpkins. Your carve them at Halloween and make pies out of them for Thanksgiving. Have you ever used pumpkin in your skin care regimen?

Are Lotion Bars Good for Ethnic Beauties? Awesome
Lotion bars. Have you heard of, or used them ethnic beauties? While they look like a bar of soap, they're actually lotion in solid form, that can be rubbed onto your skin.

Create A Space for Yourself Ethnic Beauties
Creating space for yourself is crucial to the health of your mind, body and soul.

How The Fantasy of Color Inspires Ethnic Makeup
Does the fantasy of color inspire you with your makeup choices Ethnic Beauties? Typically fall and winter would be limited to dark color palettes while spring and summer would be geared more towards lighter and neutral shades. That can be changed.

Habits Ethnic Beauties, Do Yours Need Adjusting?
Habits, we all have them ethnic beauties. But do they serve us well? Even when habits can be the root of what causes a near death experience ... can you change?

Ethnic Brides in the Fight Against Breast Cancer
To find out about an organization that not only aids brides to find the wedding dress of their dreams, but contributes in the fight against breast cancer, please read on...

How to Have Beautiful Skin with Facial Mask
Beautiful skin with facial mask? Sounds like a winning combination ethnic beauties. Let's face it, the words beautiful, glowing, and glamorous sound good when speaking of your skin, right?!

Want to Start An Ethnic Beauty Business? Awesome
An ethnic beauty business? Me? Oh yeah! If you're like most women I talk to, at least half of you want to start some kind of business. Go for it!

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